Q: I missed out on reserving my book! Can I still get one?

A: Although the reservations list is closed, you can join our waitlist. If someone with a reserved book cancels their reservation, we will contact you directly and move you onto our reservations list. Note that this is not a guarantee that a copy or copies of the book will be available to you, but it’s the best way to ensure you’re notified if that becomes possible.

Q: I bought your original Monkees Day-By-Day book. Is this just an expanded version?

A: No. This is a completely rewritten version of the book with all new illustrations, color images and previously unpublished interviews, information and photographs. Note: The original book contains some photographs not carried over into this edition, so you may wish to keep it.

Q: Will you ship internationally?

A: Yes! We would be delighted to ship you a book anywhere in the world. Please sign up to reserve a book and a shipping cost will be calculated prior to purchase.

Q: How much does the book cost?

A: There are three versions of the book; details and pricing for each can be found on the reservations page.

Q: Will there be an electronic version of this book?

A: No, there will be no electronic versions of this book available. And no further editions of this book (i.e., electronic, cut price or audio versions) are planned for the future.

Q: What forms of payment will you accept?

A: All payments will be handled electronically through credit card, PayPal, etc. via a secure site. No physical forms of payment (cash, checks, money orders) will be accepted.

Q: Why is the book more expensive than the original edition?

A: The original edition was a mass-produced, trade paperback that was distributed in retail stores. This new edition is a limited-edition book of more than twice the size and content printed in a small batch just for fans by a fan. The printing is of the highest quality and surpasses that of the original edition. It will not be available in stores. Furthermore, any site that offers the book other than beatlandbooks.com is a reseller. The quality of their delivery and condition of their copies cannot be guaranteed.

Q: I am reviewer/journalist/influencer; can I have a free or discounted copy?

A: This is a limited-edition product, and no promotional copies will be offered.

Q: I am planning to buy a hardback edition eventually. Will you offer this edition of the book beyond the reservation period?

A: No. These are being made to order in a custom quantity. After the initial orders are fulfilled, the remaining copies will be sold and the remainder of the softcover edition (not numbered and not signed) will also be available in a limited quantity.

There is no plan to keep this book in print perpetually. If you want a book, we recommend you reserve the copy or copies you want to buy. We are making enough to fulfill the reservations and a few spare copies in case of returns. If you do not reserve a book, you will be waitlisted.

The original paperback edition now sells for more than twice the price and that was produced in a far greater quantity and available for several years. This new edition is sure to rise in value and will undoubtedly be resold on eBay for far more than a copy directly from this site.

Q: Can you personalize my autographed copy?

A: We are sorry. At this time, we are unable to offer personalization. The hardback editions WILL be signed and numbered.

Q: How do I get the lowest numbered book(s)?

A: The Super Deluxe Editions will be the lowest numbered books and priority will be given to the earliest reservations.

Q: When will I have to pay for my reserved book(s)?

A: A few weeks before the book is delivered, you will be emailed with the book cost, postage options and applicable tax.

Q: When will the book be delivered?

A: Within weeks of your payment. Our current forecast is June 2021; we will update this site as soon as the books are en route to the fulfillment house.

Q: Is this product authorized by the Monkees and/or Rhino Records?

A: This book was created with the cooperation of both. However, it is not an authorized account of the Monkees’ story, nor does it claim to be a product of the trademark holders of The Monkees.